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Introduction to Oppo Warranty Check:

To determine if your Oppo gadget is still covered by warranty, it is critical to check the security status. You may also learn more about the warranty’s kind and coverage by running an Oppo warranty check. This information may be helpful when looking for warranty claims or repairs for your Oppo device.

The Oppo warranty check procedure is straightforward and can be completed via the Oppo official website, customer support, or the Oppo Care app. The device’s IMEI or serial number is all you need to verify the warranty status.

You can clearly understand the warranty status of your smartphone by running an Oppo warranty check, which will enable you to act quickly in case of any problems.

How to Check Oppo Warranty:

Method 1: Check the warranty via Oppo’s official website:

Use the procedures below to verify the Oppo warranty on the company’s website:

  • Visit the Oppo website (www.oppo.com) and select “Support” from the menu at the top of the page.
  • Choose “Warranty” from the drop-down option.
  • Select your nation on the warranty page, and then type your IMEI, SN, or VC number into the appropriate fields.
  • Click the “Query” button after you have supplied the required data.
  • The warranty check’s findings will be visible on the screen. The length of the warranty, its current condition, and other pertinent information are all available.

It is significant to remember that the Oppo website solely provides warranty information for reference. You may need to speak with Oppo customer support or stop by an authorized Oppo service center to learn more precise details regarding your warranty.

Method 2: Check warranty via Oppo Service Center:

If checking your Oppo warranty status online makes you uncomfortable, you may alternatively visit an Oppo Service Centre. The steps are as follows:

  • Find a local Oppo Service Centre. You can accomplish this by going to Oppo’s official website’s “Support” or “Service” section. The location of a Service Centre can be found here by city, state, or zip code.
  • Bring your Oppo phone and receipt when you visit the service center. It is crucial to include your receipt since this will be needed to confirm your warranty status.
  • Ask a staff member at the service center to check the status of your Oppo warranty. Your phone’s IMEI number or serial number will be requested, and they will check their records to see if your phone is still covered by warranty.
  • The representative will disclose your phone’s warranty status and other pertinent information, such as the duration and scope of the warranty.

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Overall, if you prefer face-to-face communication and have an Oppo Service Centre close by verifying your Oppo warranty status, there can be a practical alternative.

Method 3: Check warranty via Oppo Care App:

  • How to download and install the Oppo Care app is explained:

You must first download and install the Oppo Care App on your Oppo device to verify your Oppo warranty using it. On the App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android smartphones, respectively, the Oppo Care App is free to download. It is additionally available for download through the Oppo website.

  • How to check the Oppo warranty via the app:

To check your Oppo warranty, complete the following steps after installing the Oppo Care App:

  1. Launch the Oppo Care application on your phone.
  2. On the app’s main menu, select “Services.”
  3. From the list of services, choose “Warranty Status.”
  4. Enter the necessary data, such as your phone’s IMEI or serial number, and then click “Submit.”
  5. The status of your Oppo warranty will then be shown in the app, along with its duration and any repairs or replacements covered.

You can check the status of your Oppo warranty using the Oppo Care App while you’re on the road without having to go to a service location or the business website.

Common Issues and Solutions for Oppo Warranty Check:

Typical problems that can happen when checking the Oppo warranty are explained:

  • Finding necessary data, such as IMEI or SN numbers, can be difficult.
  • Information entered for the warranty check that contains mistakes or contradictions
  • Problems with the Oppo website, app, or service center
  • Due to expiration or a violation of the warranty’s terms and conditions, the warranty status is invalid.

For assistance with these problems, try contacting Oppo customer service:

  • Consult the device’s manual or packaging for the IMEI and SN numbers. You can also dial *#06# to get the IMEI number.
  • Verify the data entered for the warranty check to ensure accuracy and consistency.
  • Try using a different device or internet connection or accessing Oppo’s website, app, or service center at an additional time.
  • Contact Oppo’s customer support if you need further help with a defective warranty status or any other issue.

Benefits of Oppo Warranty Check:

You must check your Oppo warranty to ensure you may benefit from warranty claims and services as needed. The following are some advantages of reviewing the Oppo warranty:

  1. Check to see if your phone is still covered by warranty: By looking up your Oppo warranty, you can find out if your phone is still covered by warranty, assuring that, in the event of a problem, you may have it fixed or replaced.
  2. Identify your phone’s warranty coverage: Understanding what is covered by your warranty, such as fixes or replacements for hardware flaws, software problems, or accidental damages, can be done by checking your Oppo warranty.


By checking the Oppo warranty, you can ensure you are eligible for potential warranty claims and services when needed. It’s crucial to check the guarantee of your Oppo phone. Using the above methods, you may quickly determine whether your Oppo phone is still under contract.

In conclusion, the advantages of Oppo warranty check include:

  • Figuring out your phone’s warranty coverage.
  • Making sure your phone is still covered by warranty.
  • Using warranty claims and services as needed.

The last piece of advice is to retain your Oppo phone and the details of its warranty in a secure location for future use. It is advised to get support from Oppo customer service if there are any problems. That is all about Oppo warranty check.

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